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Labeling of Beef, Dairy, Feed & Food Products: A Parable on GMO

Below is a parable about beans and two very interesting tribes of warriors and the cost of not using technology.  This story should keep people’s attention and may help them understand the science and importance of technology like genetically modified organisms, GMO. There once were two tribes that battled every fall and winter.  The winner claimed a coveted piece of ground.  One tribe lived on the frozen tundra and only ate the green beans shown below.  These green…   MORE >>

In the Field

Take the "Guess Work" Out of Supplementation

The University of Arizona’s V Bar V Ranch located at Rimrock, has successfully used Crystalyx NP-27™ supplement for the past two years. David Schafer, the stations resident director sees many benefits from not only nutrition but management as well. Some of these experienced at the V bar V include: Cattle maintained body conditi…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Degradability. Durability. Weatherability.

Advantages of the BioBarrel® Feed it, and forget it — the Single-Trip Container (STC®) technology biodegrades naturally in the field. The end result is environmentally friendly and labor friendly; with virtually no cleanup or disposal issues. Eliminate labor and costs associated with collecting and returning steel barrels or…   MORE >>