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We Don't Make Your Cow Herd,... We Make Your Cow Herd Better.

  Remember that old advertisement that stated, “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy,… We make a lot of the products you buy, better?” It was actually trademarked for a time, by BASF Corporation.  I have always thought that it applied very well to how CRYSTALYX® works.  I might change it just a little, to state that, “We don’t make a lot of your assets,… We make a lot of your assets, better.”    Below are ten…   MORE >>

In the Field

We saw anywhere from 20-40 pounds heavier cattle with the CRYSTALYX® steers.

If you ask beef cattle producer and feedlot operator Byron Dehaai about CRYSTALYX® he will tell you it works. Dehaai has been using CRYSTALYX® products with his beef cows for several years but recently tried, as part of a CRYSTALYX® research and development project, an application with Holstein steers being finished on self-fed (whole s…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements (LICS) App Now Available

Download the NEW LICS App - FREE! Ridley Block Operations (manufacturers of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements) has released a new app for livestock producers called LICS; Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements. The new LICS app is designed to be a useful calculator with minimal, intuitive inputs that makes free-choice supplement perfo…   MORE >>